When you see K2 Coolers in person, you will notice two things, quality and affordability. When you buy a K2 Cooler you get super long lasting COLD! There are also coolers that are going to cost you more. However, you can look at comparisons to our Top Competitor you see that you really do not gain very much from paying more. Just look through K2 Cooler reviews and you will see why overall, people feel that it is much nicer to spend less and get more. K2 Coolers are Professional Grade Coolers capable of holding ice up to 6 Days – as noted in the “Ultimate ICE Challenge” for 40 to 60 Qt coolers. NOW available at Long Pond Hearth and Home! Visit our showroom or our K2 page or visit k2-coolers.com and cool off!

K2 Cooler Line Up:

Summit 20, 30, 50, 70 and 120.

Colors available:

  • Glacier White,
  • Steel Grey
  • Duck Boat Green
  • Other colors are available