Spa Marvel® Water Treatment and Conditioner


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Would you like to enjoy your spa or hot tub without irritated eyes and skin? Do you want softer clearer water with no odors or foam?

  • The Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner is 100% organic and non-toxic to all living creatures and the environment.
  • Condition and improve your skin while using your spa even after frequent use. Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner is great for sensitive skin.
  • Natural compounds containing skin conditioning properties will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturizing after every use.
  • Eliminate foaming, smells, and harsh water that leads to itching or rashes by using environmental friendly, all natural compounds that last up to 3 months.
  • You can enjoy your hot tub or spa without those annoying scum lines, chemical hassles, or chemical odors. 
  • First time users must use the Spa Marvel Cleanser before using the Spa Marvel Water Treatment, even if your spa is new. This product is 100% guaranteed!


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