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Long Pond Hearth and Home retailer of only the finest wood pellets since 2008. Experience you can count on, to deliver quality wood pellets for your home. We have burned just about every pellet sold in the New England market...some good…some not so good! We retail wood pellets that are made from lumber mills. Our hardwood pellets come from Flooring Companies: Somerset Hardwood Flooring and Hassell and Hughes – “Greenway.” We burn what we sell and wouldn’t want the problems associated with inferior wood pellets for our existing and new customers. Our pellets are meant to warm your family and home, not for “ambiance!”

Long Pond Hearth and Home DELIVERS your wood pellets. We are a full service retailer. You can pick up bags of wood pellets at our shop:  By-the-Bag, By the Ton, or mix your Brands. Delivery is available with our Electric pallet jack for paved and concrete areas and our new All-Terrain Pallet Jack. Call for Delivery pricing and schedule.

pellet-delivery-Safety note:

If you’re picking up fuel with either a pick-up truck or trailer, we will only load full pallets onto vehicles and trailers that are appropriately rated and mechanically sound.

We will use our discretion in determining the safe placement of product using our equipment. Should you decide to transport the contents of an entire pallet that we will not load directly with our forklift, you will have the option of personally hand loading the contents of the pallet onto your vehicle and/or trailer at your discretion.

In most instances, two trips will usually provide for the safe transport of an entire pallet with most small trucks and car/trailer combinations. It’s not just a matter of will it fit. Weight distribution and safe braking capability are key to transporting the load safely!

Please understand that SAFETY is our primary concern here. Thank you for your understanding.