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Wood Pellets

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Somerset Super Premium Wood Fuel Pellets

$320 Per Ton | $310 Cash/Check | (IN STOCK)
$6.20 per bag CASH | 8500 BTU’s .35 % ASH

Uses kiln-dried sawdust from their wood flooring division to produce high quality premium grade wood fuel pellets. The excess wood fiber, sawdust collected throughout the flooring manufacturing process supplies our Wood Pellet Fuel division, where we produce premium grade clean-burning wood fuel pellets, making an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative energy source.


LaCrete Super Premium Softwood Pellets

$320 per ton | $310 Cash/Check | (IN STOCK)
$6.40 per bag | 8700 BTU’s .3% ASH

La Crete Sawmills Ltd. pellet fuel is made from clean, dry wood-waste fiber from their own lumber operations and neighboring sawmills. Only the finest material is used and dried to the lowest moisture possible before being used in the pelletizing process. No additives are used, only the natural resins and binders hold the pellets together. The fuel produced, is clean, reliable heat with low emissions and less than 1% of ash. Material used is a by-product therefore it is considered a renewable wood resource.


cubex-logoCubex Supreme Pellets

$320 per ton | $310 Cash/Check | (IN STOCK)
$6.40 per bag | 9000 BTU’s .3% ASH

Cubex pellets are high quality hardwood pellets from sawmill sawdust, planer shavings, and chips. Manufactured by Lauzon, which is the largest hardwood flooring mill in North America. Made from Cherry, Beech, Oak, Ash, Birch, Maple & Black Walnut.


LG PelletsLG Wood Pellets

$320 per ton | $310 Cash/Check | (IN STOCK)
$6.40 per bag | 8500 BTU’s 

With a high and constant energy efficiency, the LG Wood Pellets are an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for your heating offering a carbon-neutral energy source. 100% Natural.

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