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What makes Olympia Chimney components superior: 

FF-L6WPrime Steel – Olympia liners are constructed of 316TI prime steel, including titanium, which goes beyond the industry standard. No seconds or inferior metals are used.  

quickconnectQuick Connect System – Fast, easy, installation. No screws or rivets necessary. Simply tighten up the hose clamps and enjoy a strong, UL Listed installation.

FF-LSPIsmInsulation System – With your health in mind, the Olypmpia brand offers Super-Wrap, the latest soluble fiber technology. Compared to your ordinary insulation (which contains cancer causing ceramic fibers), the Olympia brand offers the first and only UL Listed insulation which has been tested in Europe to be non-carcinogenic. Not only is this safer, but it more comfortable to work with. Olympia also offers EverGuard pour-down insulation. Just add water and this ready mix insulation is smooth flowing and UL Listed.

Forever Warranty – This is the only “Forever” warranty in the business because it is transferable to the next homeowner, with no time limit. A Lifetime Warranty varies in meaning from state to state and contains a lot of small print.

UL Listed – The Olympia brand liner systems have the best zero to zero clearance listing. (These products have been put through many stringent and rigorous tests in order to assure you and the homeowner that only reliable products are sold.)

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