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Don’t get that look!

Don’t spend more money on lesser quality hot tub.

Not all spas/hot tubs are created equal.

While others tell you theirs is a good spa and a great price, at Long Pond Hearth and Home we know ours is an awesome price for a real spa, made in the USA.

$4,995.00LPH&H can do better with a good Nordic hot tub.

Starting at $3,299.00 — we can get you into a real Nordic quality hot tub!

  • Real spa with a great warranty
  • Energy efficient with some good hydrotherapy
  • Whirlpool feature included
  • Made in the USA

Quality at an unbeatable price on a real spa for under $4K.

Unless you want a spa made of metal, foam, vinyl covering, a heater that goes through the motor, and works efficiently only in climate with an average 65° temperature. Than go with the other guys!